Personal Development

By WalterBellin

All of Walter’s workshops are about transforming yourself into the person you wish to become. These workshops are holistic in their affects, empowering you to create whatever specific changes you wish to make in your life. The workshops focus on self help – training individuals in a number of human development skills and techniques. While each individual will undertake the specific changes they desire, there are a number of outcomes that individuals who attend the workshops very commonly report.

  • Greater self-awareness, self confidence and self esteem
  • Improvement in communication and relationship skills in both personal and professional relationships
  • The development of leadership skills and the ability to set and achieve goals more effectively
  • Career development and business development skills
  • The ability to overcome and master negative or self limiting thinking, emotions and behaviour.
  • Increased feelings of happiness, satisfaction and fulfilment.
  • An increased sense of purpose and meaning in life

As part of the personal development workshop, you will use a very comprehensive psychological testing instrument called the Q12, which identifies all the natural strengths of your personality type (strengths you may not even know you have) – and also helps you identify and master any of your self limiting thinking, emotional and behavioural habits. The Q12 website is

Alternatively, if you wish to use the personality testing instrument on your own, there is a brief version of it that you can directly view on your own computer called VitallyMe. The VitallyMe Website is