Corporate Development

By WalterBellin

Walter offers a number or corporate and leadership development programmes for people in corporate and workplace settings. In the past 25 years, Walter has worked with over 100 private sector companies and federal government agencies. The services he and his organisation (called ‘Corporate Crossroads’) provides are as follows:

  • Leadership development workshops and programmes – attended by thousands of managers and executives over the past 25 years.
  • Organisational culture change programmes, individually designed for the needs of the specific organisation, to facilitate the building of a high performance culture, with a high level of employee engagement – but based on a set of core values which always include mutual trust and respect.
  • Coaching and mentoring services for managers and executives to help them develop the character traits, thinking skills and human interactive skills that will make them more effective in their leadership or professional roles.
  • Corporate stress management programmes to assist people in managing stressful environments – including practicing mindfulness, meditation, relaxation and stress reduction techniques.
  • Teambuilding programmes to increase the quality of trust, communication, co-operation and teamwork within and between teams within an organisation. This can include the senior management team or teams or business units at any level within an organisation.

More information about our leadership and corporate development programmes can be found on our Corporate Crossroads business website.